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iTMA - indian Tiger Martial Art

iTMA is a Non - Profit Martial Art School. (All Martial Arts Schools are Not Equal) You're a person who looks for excellence.

From schools and careers to doctors and healthcare professionals, you're careful about the choices you make in your life. The martial arts school in which you enroll yourself and your family should also be a carefully considered choice. iTMA in the year 2012 is the one of the Free Martial Art School For Martial Lovers. In This School has honest students integrated which is at Vill -Poornpur Nawada. iTMA are situated on freehold land Shiv Mandir of village, have full infrastructure And Facility Are such as Boxing Bags, Kick Pads, and Fully Covered By Met, Water Facility and Volunteers, And All Type Of Coach For Martial Training.

●If the Losers Smile After Loosing the Game, The Winners Will Lost the Thrill of His Victory●

Keep Smile...Believe in Yourself.

"Have to be Cautious in all the Situation"
जय माँ भारती